Testing Your System & Activating Monitoring

Congrats on installing your A3 Smart Home system!

All you need to do now is call us at (877) 998-1457 to get your system and monitoring up and running. We’re available Monday - Friday (7:30 am - 6 pm PST) and Saturday (8 am - 6 pm PST).

When you call, our Smart Home Pros will test your system and activate your 24/7 professional monitoring.

Testing your contact sensors and motion detector

First, you’ll test your contact sensors together. Go to the Sensor Signal Test page of your panel’s install wizard, where you’ll find your entry sensors and motion detector listed.

To test them, open and close each door and window that has a sensor placed, and wave your hand in front of the motion detector.

You’ll see the results on your panel screen. If they do not read “Excellent” or “Good”, ask your Smart Home Pro about changing your panel’s location.

Testing other security devices

Next, your virtual Smart Home Pro will walk you through testing the connection of your smoke and heat detector, carbon monoxide detector, glass break sensor, and/or temperature sensors.


Once you and your Smart Home Pro ensure your devices are working properly, they will activate your 24/7 professional monitoring during your call.

Next: Set up your online A3 Smart Home account.

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