Installing Your Smart Light Switch

Set the ambience of your home with the Smart Light Switch. This home lighting solution uses built-in lighting dimming technology that may help you save on your energy bills, supports compatible smart device pairing to create a security ecosystem in your home that responds to voice commands and triggers, and enables you to set timed light schedules for added convenience.

For installation support from a Virtual Smart Home Security Pro, call us at (877) 998–1457.

Installation Parts

  • Paddle Switch OR Toggle Switch

Tools Required

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutter

Choose a location

The Smart Light Switch is only compatible with single-switch wiring.

Installation Instructions

1. Before installation, you may want to change the color of the paddle to match your existing wall plate or decor. Lift the air gap tab at the base of the paddle. Push the side tabs in on one side and then the other to release the paddle. Lift the cover up and off. Simply put the new paddle onto the dimmer by inserting the air gap and side tabs and snapping securely into place.

2. Turn OFF power to the switch location at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Verify the power is OFF to the switch box before continuing.

3. Remove the wallplate.

4. Remove the existing switch mounting screws.

5. Carefully remove the switch from the switch box. DO NOT disconnect the wires.

6. There are up to 5 screw terminals on the switch; these are marked:

  • A. GROUND - Green/Bare
  • B. LINE OR LOAD - Black (connected to power or lighting)
  • C. LINE OR LOAD - Black (connected to power or lighting)
  • D. TRAVELER - Red/Other (only in 3-way installations)
  • E. NEUTRAL - White
  • Match these screw terminals to the wires connected to the existing switch.
  • 7. Disconnect the wires from the existing switch. Straighten the ends of the wires.

    8. Ensure ⅝ inch of insulation is stripped from all wires.

    9. Now it is time to install the new switch. Connect the green or bare copper ground wire to one of the GROUND terminal ports. Do not wrap the wire around the screws; looping wires may damage the device.

    10. Secure the LINE/LOAD wires to the black terminals. Because of the auto-detecting feature, it is not necessary to identify the hot wire, either LINE/LOAD terminal can be used. (NOTE: These are not backstab connectors which can loosen over time. The screws must be tightened to secure the wires firmly.)

    11. Secure one end of the jumper wire to the bundle of neutral wires using a wire nut. Connect the other end of the jumper to the NEUTRAL terminal.

    12. Insert the switch into the switch box being careful not to pinch or crush wires.

    13. Secure the switch to the box using the supplied screws.

    14. Mount the wallplate.

    15. Reapply power to the circuit at fuse box or circuit breaker and test the system.

    If you are a new Member, your Smart Light Switch will already be connected to the rest of your system. If you are an existing Member, adding the Smart Light Switch onto your existing system, please call our Smart Home Security Virtual Pros at (877) 998–1457 to connect your new switch to your system after you have installed it.

    How To Operate Your Smart Light Switch

    1. You can manually control the light switch by turning it ON/OFF as you do with a traditional switch.

    2. Remotely control the switch through your Smart Home Security mobile app.

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