Still on 3G?
Let's change that.

Choose the upgrade option that works best

The 3G radio in your panel needs to be replaced to ensure ongoing communication.

The good news is you likely have options.

Option 1:

Upgrade your entire system.

Get the latest in home security:

  • Completely upgrade to the newest cellular networks standards
  • Enjoy the next level of security, reliability and home automation that comes with this new technology

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Option 2:

Update your signal only

Keep your existing system:

  • If now is not the time to upgrade your system, simply update your 3G radio inside your control panel to keep your signal active*
  • Call us at (844) 892-0404 to review the best options for you to complete a radio swap
*Available options are dependent on current system model, as well as home location.

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What is it?

  • 3G is the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications, powering phone and home security devices.
  • Network providers are retiring their 3G towers in preparation for upgrading their networks to fully 4G and the newer 5G mobile networks. This is called the “3G Sunset.”
  • When it happens, cellphones, home security systems, medical devices, and other smart gadgets running solely on the 3G network will lose their ability to communicate, rendering many of them inoperable, or difficult to operate as intended.

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When Is it Happening?

All of the major cellular carriers have already begun this sunset. AT&T has scheduled their complete sunset for February of 2022, and Verizon is scheduled for December of 2022.

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How will this impact my security system?

  • When your carrier ceases to support 3G technology, your home security system will no longer be able to communicate with our Monitoring Center, which will impact our ability to send help in case of an emergency.

What Can I Do?

  • Option 1: Upgrade your entire security system to the latest technology. If your system is more than 2-3 years old, there is likely a range of new technology and functionality that could be yours with a new system.
  • Option 2: Love your system as is? Simply update your radio to LTE, and we will strive to keep your existing system as is. This is not possible for all situations and all systems, but we will do our utmost if this is your preference.
  • Get started today - (844) 892-0404

What Happens if I Wait?

If you wait, there is a chance that your home security system will cease to function. If this happens during the 3G Sunset, you may face long wait times for installation from any home security provider, as they are flooded with last minute requests, all at once.

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The A3 Difference

Advanced Protection
  • Complete, integrated security and smart home system for comprehensive automation
  • Advanced encryption embedded into system components
Assistance 24/7
  • A3 professional monitoring 24/7
  • Access and manage your smart home anywhere, through the mobile app
A3 Assurance
  • Reliable emergency assistance when you need it the most
  • No long-term monitoring contracts
Low Monthly Rates
No Long-term Contracts
Easy-to-Use App
24/7 Emergency Dispatch
Customized to Fit Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 3G Sunsets are happening at various periods, depending on the carrier. Visit this page hosted by the FCC that outlines the various providers and latest sunset date timing.

Your control panel has a cellular radio inside that communicates with a cellular carrier (provider) to relay signals from your home security system to our 24/7 monitoring center. While there is no easy way to see at a glance which carrier your panel is connected to, you may call us at (844) 786-9734 to inquire and learn about the sunset date applicable to your own system.

The options vary from Member to Member, based on where your system is installed and the type of control panel you currently own. In our email and USPS mail notices to you, we will clearly outline the options specifically available to you. Alternatively, you may also call us at (844) 892-0404 to inquire directly

It may come as a surprise, but a brand new system plus low-cost monitoring can help you save vs. your current rates, and industry averages. There are many different options at many different price points, and we will work with you to find the right one. Call us at (844) 892-0404 to discuss today.

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